Saturday, December 12, 2009

Penang / Hatyai!

Oh ya, I went penang again . . .But this time it's a bit different . . .Because i went Hatyai~!.....Go see my facebook's photo album la....Didn't upload all, because very slow!

Singapore trip!

It's been a long long time I haven't updated my blog , because I dunno what to write then. ....

Went Singapore for 6 days.

Took 2pm's train to Singapore. It was a 7 hours ride, hence sleep, eat, read and listening to music throughout the ride. Reached at 9.30pm, and went to my aunt's home at Clementi.

Went Marina Barrage, the water reservoir of the country. It was a giant building, with green scene from the grass at the roof on top of the building, which is great for picnic. Stroll along the places and went to Commonwealth to have our lunch+tea break. Went back home to take bath and then went dinner at Uncle Sam at City Vibe, which was new for me as it was still in construction the last time I went. Then, went to Orchard Road for the Christmas decorations. Well, it's just the normal deco, which I never really know how to appreciate it anyway. Saw the ION Orchard, the latest shopping mall in Orchard Road. We didn't went in to shop, but from it's outer layer, and as it is situated in Orchard Road, it's for those who wants to get some branded stuff: Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada, LV, D&G, Cartier, to name a few.

Trip to Downtown East at Pasir Ris. It's actually a place which have everything you want-place to shop, resorts, dine and leisure. Checked into the chalet and went shopping for the BBQ stuffs. After placing our stuff back into our chalet which had fridge, we went to the Escape Theme Park
to have some fun! Actually I've went to that theme park few years back. But we went too to kill some time as our main purpose here in Downtown East was to have BBQ. Around 6pm, we went back to our chalet and started the fire for the BBQ. This chalet is designed to have this BBQ facility. Each chalet has a BBQ spot at the back of the building, which have 4 chalets in a building. Had fun while BBQ-ing, and I wished that Malaysia has this type of resort too!

Checked out from the resort at 10am, and went back home. Some of us were tired off, as yesterday we played card games until 4am. Thus we didn't went anywhere. Had pizza as our dinner and there was a birthday celebration as it was my cousin sister's birthday.

It was raining in the morning and afternoon, on and off, so we were all lazy to go out. So we stayed at home and play cards and watched TV. It was a steamboat night, and we had all those fishballs, meatballs, hot dogs, all those steamboat stuff.

Packed our stuff and took MRT to the Kranji station to get 170 bus to come back to Malaysia. The old immigration place had shut off, and the new one is much bigger. But the short road to get into the immigration place has become a small scale F1 circuit, with a longer distance then the old one, but the 'journey' was a long one: the was no straight road. Pusing sana, pusing sini. But passing trough the custom was the easiest and fastest: just put in your passport into a passport holder, wait for 20 seconds to let it scan through and then put your thumb on the screen. When the green light was signaled, took out your passport and say bye bye. The building is linked with a shopping mall, which was linked with the train station. If I'm not mistaken, it is called Sentral. Had our lunch in the mall while waiting for my uncle to bring my grandma to meet us. Grandma is coming to KL with us. The train came at 3pm, and we boarded the train in the rain. Reached Shah Alam at about 10pm, and went to mamakandar to have roti canai.

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