Thursday, January 29, 2009

My NeW YeAr!! (SiEn)

30th night-morning,pray at the morning...Went to my 大伯 house, ate dinner ......

This is my family...Hahah..

Well, i'm lazy to write so many things...tired, just come back from my kampung

Thursday, January 22, 2009

HaRi ReNtAs DeSa (Tired LA)

23/1/09,Friday=Today hari retas desa....walk a bit early in the morning..Eat breakfast and go to sch lo...So many ppl arrive there edy, because i a bit late 2day..After warm up,the form4,5 start runing...Then, we (form1,2,3) baru run. I jog, walk and run..At last i get 142th place in under 15 catogeri.So tired,haiz....ok la,,wanna sleep edy. BYE BYE!!!HAHA^^